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19 October 2016

Technicon Design contributes to the Covestro stand of the K2016 tradeshow

From Art To Part

Technicon Design contributes to the Covestro stand of the K2016 trade show with design, surfacing, engineering, electronics, and manufacturing of full functional aero wheels of the Covestro K16 show car.

TD studio Cologne also collaborated with the design development and surfacing execution services to the model making of the entire exposition model.

From Idea To Release

A range of CGI services like Still Image production, teaser and content animations have been delivered to support the PR campaigns of the Covestro Automotive section.

Please view the Show car teaser as an example.

08 July 2016

fRen Days at Cologne - 11th - 15th July 2016

This events takes place between 11th and 15th July 2016 at our Cologne Design Studio.

For one week we will display the essence of the VR developments we have built during the last two years.

You will experience all automotive VR applications in a real automotive design studio environment and under realistic working conditions.

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