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21 December 2012

New Technicon Design Studio Opening in Shanghai

STUDIO SHANGHAI - Our local and globally sourced experts can react quickly and cost-effectively to customer demands. We deliver total project competence, Pre-development, Design, Surfacing and Engineering.

Our spacious studio is home to:
  • Up to 44 staff members 
  • Multiple configurable project rooms 
  • Security system 
  • Meeting and presentation room 

  • Exterior
  • Interior 

  • From Concept to A-Class Modeling 
  • Vehicle Architecture
  • Pre Development
  • Interior Design
  • Kinematics 

  • Complete Project management solution 

PARTNER - Technicon Design partners with a local company to combine Technicon’s global design expertise with the partner’s local modeling capacity and offer a full range of creative services.

+86(0)21 6886 2190

15 November 2012

3DVF Online Magazine Interview

A recent interview given by the team at Technicon France to the online magazine
3DVF, about the history and development of their Aerospeed project.

Read the interview at 3DVF

23 October 2012

Mission accomplished

First Advanced Concept Modelling Course in Cologne 2012

Congratulations to all participants.

From left to right:
 Alex Dobrea (from Rumania), David Schirmer (Co-Trainer),  Shridhar Walture (from India), Stefan Zuell and Woon Jung (both from Germany)
They learned all fundamentals on Concept Modeling plus Visualization Techniques from
Trainer Werner Strathaus and Co-Trainer David Schirmer.

Well done, guys!!

The team during the Ford Factory Tour from left to right:
Alex Dobrea, Woon Jung, Anne Struck (recruiter), Shridhar Walture, Stefan Zuell

18 October 2012

Jobs App for iPhone

We launched our new jobs app for iPhone.

Our new jobs board iOS app provides optimised access to our latest automotive design and engineering jobs and main office location information.

Jobs Board - Technicon Design

19 July 2012

Technicon Design wins top prize from the European Fund for Regional Development and the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Hessen

Technicon Design was one of three companies in Rüsselsheim that was awarded a top prize of €25,000.00 for the efforts they have put into urban redevelopment projects in the town of Rüsselsheim.

Technicon Design has built a new design studio in the old Opel factory building (Autowerk) right in the heart of the city which includes state of the art digital and physical modelling facilities as well as milling facilities. On Tuesday, 17 Jul 12, Patrick Burghardt, the mayor of the town of Rüsselsheim, visited our studio and was impressed by the amount of work we invested into the new studio and most of all the precision and standard to which our staff create new models.

One of the main reasons for choosing this location for our studio was the proximity to our client Adam Opel AG as well as the great transport links with the station in walking distance and excellent connections to Frankfurt Airport and all main motorways. Another reason however was also the possibilities and the atmosphere of the buildings themselves. These old Opel factory buildings “breathe” automotive history and have a flair and atmosphere that cannot be found in any other buildings in Rüsselsheim – the perfect surroundings for modern automotive design development against the background of the birthplace of automotive production.

Original news articles (in German)

03 July 2012

July 4th - No tea today and expansion

Our office in San Juan Capistrano is about to expand, and we are moving a grand distance of 50 feet.

Our new facilities will have enough space to accommodate our plans for the role the Collaborative Creative Center will play in the upcoming months.

Constantly looking to adapt and innovate we are refining our virtual process to meet future demands of our industry. Of note is the integration of Maya as a polygon modelling tool and our expansion of the visualisation development to include film ready animation and post processing. There certainly seems to be a switch in the industry to provide not only a modelling service but in the way data is presented with the acceptance of digital solutions.

This week sees July the fourth upon us.... something to do with revolution, I believe. I will be shouting voraciously ‘no taxation without representation, whilst devouring vast quantities of food and Coca Cola (A tradition that dates back to 1776)

31 May 2012

The INDY 500

Summer has arrived, which means May grey and June gloom – doesn’t quite paint the Californian dreamin’ picture postcard. If, you’re of a certain age, and remember those old movies that always pictured London covered by a bank of fog, then the California coast is just for you. Luckily, by noon the fog / sea mist has burnt off which leaves us bathed in glorious sunshine for the rest of the day.

The San Juan office is busy on promoting its creative center, and has a handful of clients lined up to use the facility. We are also pushing another one of our assets – training – and are in the process of course expansion and updates – which I am hopeful we can expand on next month – some exciting news in the pipeline.

The Memorial day weekend, a poignant day to remember those men and women who died while serving in the United States armed forces, also brings with it one of the most spectacular of global sporting events – the Indy 500.  Having experienced it, twice, I can highly recommend it – although the night before the race is pretty eventful – for those ladies out there I will spare all the details. Race day brings 400,000 fans and 800,000 hot dogs in close proximity – thankfully it is open air. Congratulations to Dario Franchitti, who in a thrilling last corner finish clinched his third victory.

08 May 2012

California Surf(ac)ing...

The US office is but one of a handful of Technicon global offices, but we figured we’d like to give you an American perspective on what is happening.

The US office is based in California, and there’s a good reason for that. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re all thinking, sea, sun and surf – actually I can’t deny it, but we do have rain (that was Friday between 1PM and 3PM). Joking aside there is a good reason why the US office is located here: studios. California and more specifically Southern California are home to Kia / Hyundai / Ford / VW / Mazda / Tesla / Fisker / Toyota / Honda / Nissan / GM and BMW.

From our California location we also service our other clients scattered across the Americas, with particular emphasis on Detroit, which we are glad to report has seen a resurgence of late.

Breaking News....  In line with Technicon Design’s pursuance of new innovative solutions, we are pleased to announce our first digital creative centre. Collaborative Creative centres are remote / flexible studios (in scalability and location) that provide a secure but accessible off site facility which can be linked to our overseas Collaborative Creative Centre’s, providing truly global 24 hr support and program management to our clients design programs and access to some of the industry’s best talent.

Autodesk accredited Alias training programmes, which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, are also offered from this facility.

The studio is fully functioning and we are currently working on a number of joint projects.


03 April 2012

Autodesk Sustainable Manufacturing

Autodesk released their Sustainable Manufacturing video with the Technicon Aerospeed MK II car.

Designed at the Technicon Design Studio Rüsselsheim.

Watch the video on YouTube

Read more about Technicon Design's services at

12 March 2012

Advanced Concept Modelling Course

Congratulations to:

Rafael Oliveira, Mario Foster, Hannes Ebner, Ivona Zuna, and Rüdiger Goth who participated at the Technicon Design Academy’s - Advanced Concept Modelling Course for Automotive designers.

All five very successfully learned effective and precise concept modelling strategies and work-flows plus fast high quality hardware shader visualization techniques to visualize their work for their project partners.

The three week course was held in February in the Technicon Design Studio in Munich!

The next Advanced Concept Modelling Course is planned for early July (from 2nd July to 20th July). We are now accepting reservations, apply now!

Please apply to

More information at

Technicon Design unveils the Roding Roadster 23 at the Car Design Night Geneva 2012

Technicon Design introducing its latest design, the carbon-fiber Roding Roadster sports car

21 February 2012

2012 Geneva Automotive Designers Night

As part of our continuing commitment to the Automotive Design sector we are proud to sponsor the 2012 Geneva Automotive Designers Night.

At this year’s event we will showcase our involvement in the design of the brand new RODING sports car.

The event will again take place at La Sip, Geneva and will involve copious amounts of food, drinks and discussions on totally irrelevant topics ….

Read more and register at

05 January 2012

Technicon opens new Rüsslesheim studio

The creative arm of global automotive specialist, Technicon Design, has opened a new European studio in Rüsslesheim, Germany.

Read more on Car Design News website

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