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08 May 2012

California Surf(ac)ing...

The US office is but one of a handful of Technicon global offices, but we figured we’d like to give you an American perspective on what is happening.

The US office is based in California, and there’s a good reason for that. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re all thinking, sea, sun and surf – actually I can’t deny it, but we do have rain (that was Friday between 1PM and 3PM). Joking aside there is a good reason why the US office is located here: studios. California and more specifically Southern California are home to Kia / Hyundai / Ford / VW / Mazda / Tesla / Fisker / Toyota / Honda / Nissan / GM and BMW.

From our California location we also service our other clients scattered across the Americas, with particular emphasis on Detroit, which we are glad to report has seen a resurgence of late.

Breaking News....  In line with Technicon Design’s pursuance of new innovative solutions, we are pleased to announce our first digital creative centre. Collaborative Creative centres are remote / flexible studios (in scalability and location) that provide a secure but accessible off site facility which can be linked to our overseas Collaborative Creative Centre’s, providing truly global 24 hr support and program management to our clients design programs and access to some of the industry’s best talent.

Autodesk accredited Alias training programmes, which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, are also offered from this facility.

The studio is fully functioning and we are currently working on a number of joint projects.


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