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03 July 2012

July 4th - No tea today and expansion

Our office in San Juan Capistrano is about to expand, and we are moving a grand distance of 50 feet.

Our new facilities will have enough space to accommodate our plans for the role the Collaborative Creative Center will play in the upcoming months.

Constantly looking to adapt and innovate we are refining our virtual process to meet future demands of our industry. Of note is the integration of Maya as a polygon modelling tool and our expansion of the visualisation development to include film ready animation and post processing. There certainly seems to be a switch in the industry to provide not only a modelling service but in the way data is presented with the acceptance of digital solutions.

This week sees July the fourth upon us.... something to do with revolution, I believe. I will be shouting voraciously ‘no taxation without representation, whilst devouring vast quantities of food and Coca Cola (A tradition that dates back to 1776)

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