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06 November 2013

Technicon Design France team showcase their latest aviation projects

Following a successful showing at the NBAA business aviation show in Las Vegas, the Technicon Design France team are showcasing their latest aviation projects.

Private Jet Concept

Urban Helicopter Concept

Helicopter Online Configurator

View for our online helicopter configurator to see preconfigured designs or even customise your own version.

10 October 2013

New Training Centre In California - New Coures Available In Europe

New Training Centre in California
Technicon Design expands its successful Academy services by opening a new training centre in California.

The training centre is part of the San Juan Capistrano studio and will provide Alias classes for all levels. David Sichtermann will be the trainer for the Alias classes in the USA.

The courses in California will start in January 2014. View the USA Course Planner

New workshops and courses available in Europe

Alias Fundamentals for Maya Modellers (weekend workshop)
The new workshop ‘Alias Fundamentals for Maya Modellers’ will provide Poly Modellers with the essential training to work in the field of Automotive Design.

The workshop focuses on the fundamental tools, interface items and workflows that are needed to clean up, structure and convert Alias scene files for a fluidic usage in Maya.

Automotive Polygon Modelling (5-day course)
Designers who are interested in Maya Polygon Modelling can participate in a 5-day Beginners training.

This APM (Automotive Polygon Modelling) course is aimed at designers from the automotive and industrial design industry, who want to enrich their skills in the concept modelling process, which is an extensive communication phase between design, styling and engineering.

The workshop content is focusing on the development of surfaces that transform the emotions, style and proportions of the initial design ideas and sketches into dynamic shapes and forms.

VRED Basics for Automotive Visualisation (weekend workshop)

VRED is establishing as a key tool for High End visualisation in the automotive industry.

During this weekend workshop you will get to know essential information and experience to work with the software to deliver high quality results.

This training will cover the data exchange, material and lighting setup as well as rendering and animation basics. You will also learn how to use variants to present material and equipment combinations.

Find out more about the training and dates with the links below

20 September 2013

Designers’ Night 2013 Retrospective

It was a delightful night when automotive professionals gathered on the 10th of September to celebrate Technicon Design’s 35th anniversary during the Designers’ Night in Frankfurt.

The arriving guests had the chance to explore the current progress of the Hanomag project.
The unfinished full size replica and an exciting animation which explained the story of the world record car had been placed at the entrance of the venue.

Slot car replicas of Technicon Design’s most famous automotive design projects filled two large-scale slot car race circuits so this competition become an unforgettable eye catcher.

Congratulations to the slot car race winners Robin Oldroyd (Autodesk) and Eren Aslan (Technicon Design). In addition to a bottle of Champagne, the winners took away their victorious vehicles.

Interestingly the ‘Imperial Concubine’, also known as ‘Lucy’ was the winning car of both race drivers. The vehicle crashed heavily during the race but crossed the finish line by a large margin.

28 June 2013

IAA Designers Night

Technicon Design is celebrating 35 years of global automotive design services at this years IAA Designers Night!

As a main sponsor of the event we will celebrate the 35th anniversary of Technicon Design with an amazing slot car race competition and other surprises.

The Designers Night takes place 10th September 2013 in Frankfurt at the IAA.

Save the date and watch out for updates on this Blog and our Website!

08 May 2013

Accelerate Concept Exploration Workflows

Technicon sees the concept modelling process as an extensive communication phase between styling and engineering. 

Our focus is the development of surfaces that transform the emotions, style and proportions of the design ideas into dynamic shapes and forms that are completely compatible with our client’s production methods.

Just back from Shanghai Motor Show, we are setting up for the next presentation:
At the upcoming Automotive Interiors Expo 2013 Show, Technicon Design will present in-depth informations about the latest innovations in digital design development in the concept stage and a live demonstration of how productivity can be increased to accelerate concept exploration worklows.

The new hybrid modelling process for rapid automotive design 

Automotive Interiors Expo 2013 
5th June 2013, 14:50 Uhr
Styling and Technology Studio
Stuttgart, Germany

Photos of last presentation at the Interiors Motives Conference 2013 in Shanghai:

25 March 2013

The Hybrid Modelling Workshop at the CDN Interior Motives China Conference 2013

Technicon Design is presenting the currently hottest 3D design development process with its 2013 show car “Imperial Concubine”: 
The Hybrid Modelling Workshop at the CDN Interior Motives China Conference 2013.

Chinese styling meets western design development standards.

Technicon Design introduces a new hybrid design development process applying rapid polygonal modelling techniques originally developed and intended for the gaming and film industry, combining it with the standard and accuracy of the traditional western automotive surface development process.

Using this method we achieve faster surface development and encompassing more design freedom in the early design phases. Topped up with the preciseness of quality NURBS surfacing at the right point we still achieve the accuracy and convenience of digital surfacing according to OEM standards but within a much shorter period of time.

The result of this new combination of ultimate tools and advanced techniques is immediately apparent.

The “Imperial Concubine” show car is the latest design work of our Shanghai design studio carried out utialising this process.
It will be unveiled it for the first time at the CDN Interior motives China Conference 2013.
There we will present an overview of the process described and its advantages at the second day of the conference.
For more info please visit:

Design Story: “Imperial Concubine”

What is the difference between an imperial concubine and a queen?

The imperial concubine exudes the same aura of luxury as the queen, but with a less formal, less restrained image.

The  more mature, successful Chinese person may identify more with the image of a queen, but for younger generations, the imperial concubine is more in harmony with their self image.

Having grown up within a culture of Confucius’  ” The Doctrine of Mean”, the younger Chinese generation is now changing. The successful amongst them  now desire to demonstrate their values and tastes, through their actions and possessions.

They require a visual language that promotes this attitude not only as an extrovert projection of their lifestyle  but also as a gift to themselves. Thus, the concept of "crown your taste" is born.

The design of this concept is inspired in part by images of the  robes of the imperial concubine. The interior shows a unique glimpse of Chinese aesthetic  style by using traditional elements to create a modern elegant space.

We have drawn  inspiration from these traditional elements and reinterpreted them to fit a modern context, whilst remaining focused on the hopes and desires of the target customer.

Yulong Duan
Technicon Design Shanghai

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