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08 May 2013

Accelerate Concept Exploration Workflows

Technicon sees the concept modelling process as an extensive communication phase between styling and engineering. 

Our focus is the development of surfaces that transform the emotions, style and proportions of the design ideas into dynamic shapes and forms that are completely compatible with our client’s production methods.

Just back from Shanghai Motor Show, we are setting up for the next presentation:
At the upcoming Automotive Interiors Expo 2013 Show, Technicon Design will present in-depth informations about the latest innovations in digital design development in the concept stage and a live demonstration of how productivity can be increased to accelerate concept exploration worklows.

The new hybrid modelling process for rapid automotive design 

Automotive Interiors Expo 2013 
5th June 2013, 14:50 Uhr
Styling and Technology Studio
Stuttgart, Germany

Photos of last presentation at the Interiors Motives Conference 2013 in Shanghai:

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