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20 September 2013

Designers’ Night 2013 Retrospective

It was a delightful night when automotive professionals gathered on the 10th of September to celebrate Technicon Design’s 35th anniversary during the Designers’ Night in Frankfurt.

The arriving guests had the chance to explore the current progress of the Hanomag project.
The unfinished full size replica and an exciting animation which explained the story of the world record car had been placed at the entrance of the venue.

Slot car replicas of Technicon Design’s most famous automotive design projects filled two large-scale slot car race circuits so this competition become an unforgettable eye catcher.

Congratulations to the slot car race winners Robin Oldroyd (Autodesk) and Eren Aslan (Technicon Design). In addition to a bottle of Champagne, the winners took away their victorious vehicles.

Interestingly the ‘Imperial Concubine’, also known as ‘Lucy’ was the winning car of both race drivers. The vehicle crashed heavily during the race but crossed the finish line by a large margin.

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