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31 May 2016

Koenigsegg Regera with the latest fRen VR using HTC Vive

VR design review of the Koenigsegg Regera with the latest fRen VR tools at The "fRen day's" at Technicon Design - Studio Frankfurt.

Watch the video demo of our fRen VR tools with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Dear viewer,

I am overwhelmed by the numbers of views this video got in such a short time. I feel a bit obliged to add some comments and a few explanation to it.

This video is showing the Technicon Design VR setup. We call it “Project fRen”.

We invent “fRen tools” to get as much out of an immersive VR design reviews as possible and to enhance the usability of the given VR soft and hardware.

The virtual simulation of the reality is where our fRen VR tools start. But our aim is to take you beyond this simulation into scenarios that generate design experience way more valuable to your daily design work than staring at the surfaces in 3D in VR ore at the same surfaces executed as physical representation in clay or foam.

With fRen tools you can experience design in a studio environment and in the next second in the day light of the northern hemisphere or under the night sky of Beijing.

With the mono-fRen application we incorporate any number of spectators into the experience of the immersed person. “mono-fRen” captures the HMD coordinates and applies them to the view port coordinates of the spectator computer in real time. That’s what you see at the power wall view in this video.

fRen-360 is an input device that rotates your model on a virtual turntable. The devices is replicated in the VR world and the position in VR relates precisely to the position of the device in the physical world.

The tool is easy to find for the immersed person and works simultaneously to the rotation of the car on the turntable.

These are just a view comments to the content of this video but there is so much more to say about project fRen.

I will update you regularly.

If you are interested in “Project fRen” please write to [email protected]

Best regards,
Werner Strathaus
Operations Director at Technicon Design

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