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21 September 2010

Technicon Design Academy AZWV Certified Courses

High-qualifying further education training courses of the Technicon Design Academy for Automotive Designers, Product Designers, body in white experts and engineers can now receive support through education voucher and special career step programs.

In the area of Computer Aided Surfacing (CAS), the Technicon Design Academy offers since August 2010, five AZWV certified high-qualifying training courses.
Technicon Design has over 30 years experience in all areas of digital design and product development throughout the automotive industry worldwide.
The result of constant search for qualified designers, modellers and designers can be seen in the intensive and continuing further education activities within the Technicon Design Group, which are carried out in cooperation with the design studios of the OEMs

These activities are now all summarized under the AZWV certified Technicon Design Academy with its new training centre located at the former headquarter of Opel in Rüsselsheim.
Centrally located and easily accessible by all public transport, we set standards with our further education training centre within an atmosphere of historic industrial heritage especially for digital design professionals in the field of automotive and product development.

Our courses are created to appeal to post-graduates as well as to job seekers with Design and Design related professional background. We strengthen already existing knowledge and experience in design and modelling and combine them intensively with new and effective digital design applications and workflows. The design software company Autodesk, and especially their Alias software products named in the automotive design world, "State of the Art" attract more and more people and the popularity of their products is growing. Well trained employees with these special tools have improved work chances on the current local job market as well as international wide. Due to the intense and hands-on software training sessions of the Technicon Design Academy, we improve the attractiveness of each profile of our graduates significantly and boost their careers. Apart from that the Technicon Design Group also assists their graduates in finding a suitable job.

For more information about the Technicon Design Academy and the courses we offer please visit our website:

07 July 2010

We are looking for an army of clay modellers

View our latest clay modelling jobs at

29 June 2010

Job notifications via Twitter

We now have a Twitter account where our new jobs will be posted.

All new jobs are now automatically posted to our corporate Twitter account, LinkedIn group and mobile jobs board site plus each job category has an individual RSS.

28 May 2010

Adding Jobs RSS into Outlook

If you use Microsoft Outlook you can subscribe to our Jobs Board RSS feeds very easily.

One main advantage of using Microsoft Outlook to pull in the RSS feeds is getting the items delivered to your Inbox.

Each of our job categories has it's own RSS feed so you only get the jobs you're interested in very quickly and easily.

The image below highlights the steps required to add one of our RSS feeds into Microsoft Outlook 2007 and send the latest jobs to your Inbox.

  1. Click the RSS Feed icon from the job category you are viewing.
  2. Copy the URL e.g.
  3. In Outlook: Right click the 'RSS Feeds' from the Folder list
  4. Select 'Add a New RSS Feed...'
  5. Paste the URL you copied into the location field and click 'add'
  6. Click 'Advanced'
  7. Click the 'change folder' button in the delivery location
  8. Select 'inbox'
  9. Click Ok, Click Ok and the click 'yes' to save the RSS feed to Outlook.
  10. All new jobs in that category will now appear in your inbox.

More information on the Microsoft Outlook help pages

29 April 2010

New Corporate Website

This week we launched our new Technicon Design global website.

View our corporate web site at

01 March 2010

Mobile Jobs Board Site - Add to iPhone Home Screen

These instructions explain how to add the Technicon Design Mobile Jobs Board site to your iPhone home screen so you can access it the same way you can with your other apps.

Navigate to

From the home page click the "plus" sign at the bottom of the screen.

From the menu which pops up click "add to Home Screen"

Then in the Title text box either accept the default page title or change it to something you prefer e.g. "Job Board".
Click the blue "Add" button in the top right of the screen.

You now have a link on your home screen direct to the Technicon Mobile website.

04 February 2010

Technicon Design Jobs Board RSS Feeds

You may have noticed the little orange icon on our Jobs Board.

Clicking the icon links to an RSS page provided by Google FeedBurner service.

Each Jobs Board category has a separate RSS feed.

If you subscribe to one of these you will get notified as soon as new jobs are posted to that category.

There are many ways you can subscribe to a RSS source. You can have it as a live bookmark in Mozilla Firefox or as an email folder in Microsoft Outlook.

More information about RSS feeds and how to use them can be found on these sites:

Linked In