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28 May 2010

Adding Jobs RSS into Outlook

If you use Microsoft Outlook you can subscribe to our Jobs Board RSS feeds very easily.

One main advantage of using Microsoft Outlook to pull in the RSS feeds is getting the items delivered to your Inbox.

Each of our job categories has it's own RSS feed so you only get the jobs you're interested in very quickly and easily.

The image below highlights the steps required to add one of our RSS feeds into Microsoft Outlook 2007 and send the latest jobs to your Inbox.

  1. Click the RSS Feed icon from the job category you are viewing.
  2. Copy the URL e.g.
  3. In Outlook: Right click the 'RSS Feeds' from the Folder list
  4. Select 'Add a New RSS Feed...'
  5. Paste the URL you copied into the location field and click 'add'
  6. Click 'Advanced'
  7. Click the 'change folder' button in the delivery location
  8. Select 'inbox'
  9. Click Ok, Click Ok and the click 'yes' to save the RSS feed to Outlook.
  10. All new jobs in that category will now appear in your inbox.

More information on the Microsoft Outlook help pages

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