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25 March 2013

The Hybrid Modelling Workshop at the CDN Interior Motives China Conference 2013

Technicon Design is presenting the currently hottest 3D design development process with its 2013 show car “Imperial Concubine”: 
The Hybrid Modelling Workshop at the CDN Interior Motives China Conference 2013.

Chinese styling meets western design development standards.

Technicon Design introduces a new hybrid design development process applying rapid polygonal modelling techniques originally developed and intended for the gaming and film industry, combining it with the standard and accuracy of the traditional western automotive surface development process.

Using this method we achieve faster surface development and encompassing more design freedom in the early design phases. Topped up with the preciseness of quality NURBS surfacing at the right point we still achieve the accuracy and convenience of digital surfacing according to OEM standards but within a much shorter period of time.

The result of this new combination of ultimate tools and advanced techniques is immediately apparent.

The “Imperial Concubine” show car is the latest design work of our Shanghai design studio carried out utialising this process.
It will be unveiled it for the first time at the CDN Interior motives China Conference 2013.
There we will present an overview of the process described and its advantages at the second day of the conference.
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Design Story: “Imperial Concubine”

What is the difference between an imperial concubine and a queen?

The imperial concubine exudes the same aura of luxury as the queen, but with a less formal, less restrained image.

The  more mature, successful Chinese person may identify more with the image of a queen, but for younger generations, the imperial concubine is more in harmony with their self image.

Having grown up within a culture of Confucius’  ” The Doctrine of Mean”, the younger Chinese generation is now changing. The successful amongst them  now desire to demonstrate their values and tastes, through their actions and possessions.

They require a visual language that promotes this attitude not only as an extrovert projection of their lifestyle  but also as a gift to themselves. Thus, the concept of "crown your taste" is born.

The design of this concept is inspired in part by images of the  robes of the imperial concubine. The interior shows a unique glimpse of Chinese aesthetic  style by using traditional elements to create a modern elegant space.

We have drawn  inspiration from these traditional elements and reinterpreted them to fit a modern context, whilst remaining focused on the hopes and desires of the target customer.

Yulong Duan
Technicon Design Shanghai

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