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19 March 2014

The new Evo MK3 interior - A challenging task

Technicon Design was asked by Autodesk to create a complete car interior with a design language that meets the functional and aesthetical requirements of a contemporary vehicle.

In just four weeks, the team of Designers and Modellers had to develop detailed components that would integrate seamlessly into the completed exterior of the Evo MK3 super sports car.

Three of the four digital modellers and designers working on this project have been located in the Cologne studio. The Munich Studio supported the team remotely to complete this complex task in time.

The previously created carbon fibre space frame was the solid foundation of a design that respects the engineering criteria as well as the styling philosophy of the existing exterior.

The client requested an interior with high quality surfaces to evaluate and showcase their engineering and design software and workflow in a realistic way. The limited time and resources that have been available for this project required a process that combined the most efficient and fastest tools to establish excellent design along with high quality surfaces in a very targeted and focused way.

Alias was the central tool for the creation of all hard surfaces. Maya was used for organic parts like seat cushions and stitches while VRED was the perfect choice to define and check material and colour combinations realistically and analyse the entire interior within a realistic environment and lighting situation.

The experience and results gained through this project will also drive the knowledge and extend the data base for upcoming Automotive Modelling and Visualization classes of the Technicon Design Acadamy.

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