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08 October 2018

Technicon Design celebrates its 40th Birthday at the Paris Motor Show Designer’s night

Technicon Design celebrates its 40th Birthday at the Paris Motor Show Designer’s night for which the company was a main sponsor. The text of the speech given by the Managing Director of Technicon Design and Segula Technologies is shown below.

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and a very warm welcome to this year’s Designers’ Night in Paris!

My name is Laurent Germain from Segula Technologies and it is my great pleasure to give this evening’s address on behalf of Technicon Design. Many of you will know Technicon Design for a long time since the company has become something of an institution in the automotive design field. Technicon is by no means a large company, but it is one of the few companies in the world that is truly committed to automotive design.

Creativity, Playfulness and free-thinking, inquisitive Minds are all attributes that are usually associated with Design and Styling. However, there is one important factor in this mix that is often overlooked – those attributes know NO BORDERS! Technicon recognized this a very long time ago and has therefore also become a truly international company with a global workforce. International mobility is something many companies strive for, but it is lived at Technicon at every working day of the year. Being an INTERNATIONAL DESIGN Company is exactly what attracted the attention of the Segula group to Technicon Design and we finally acquired Technicon Design last year when the owner David Shall indicated that he was planning his retirement. The ethos and spirit of Technicon Design fitted perfectly with Segula’s equally international outlook in the engineering sector and we were very happy to welcome Technicon into the Segula group.

Together we will now start to engage in the next chapter of the story of Technicon as Design Brand in the Segula Group. There will be many opportunities in the familiar automotive design community but also new possibilities in new communities. The world of design and engineering is changing rapidly with whole new communities coming up all the time – alternative energy, autonomous vehicles or completely different forms of transport and living in the future. It is certainly a very exciting time to be working in an international Design and Engineering group.

However, as much as I like looking forward to the future, tonight is also a night to look back for a moment, because this week Technicon Design celebrates its 40th Birthday! It’s a wonderful achievement, which could not have been done without all the people who work and worked with Technicon Design and made it the company it is.

We know that many of you in this audience have close associations with Technicon Design and therefore thought “no better time than to celebrate our birthday with all our friends in the Design community!”.

I was reliably informed that it is tradition in the UK to have a birthday card and cake at such an occasion and I would like to invite you all to share some cake with us and wish Technicon Design a “Very Happy Birthday!”

23 July 2018

A rolling device called “SVEN”

In July the “share2drive” presented their first concept car called “SVEN”. This Name stands for “Shared Vehicle Electric Native”. A pure electric and fully networked vehicle for shared mobility.

We are very proud that we are in the partner network. Also to assist that this innovative idea will become reality in the near future!

Till now, the Technicon Design team in Cologne supports “share2drive” in design execution, model making and visualization. We started together in a very early design process up to the final execution and construction of the first mockup in real size.

Direct from the beginning we used our VR-Tool “fRen” for design evaluation, so that we were able to make quickly decisions for the design process. On the presentation day, on the 15th of June this model was now shown to the public. And our visualization team underpinned this successful presentation with a promotional film in 3D that gives a sneak preview of this vehicle and its features.

We would be glad if you spend a little bit of time to examine this project!
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04 April 2018

Car Design Night Beijing 25th April 2018

We are pleased to be a Silver Partner to the Beijing Car Design Night 2018.

Car Design Night will return to Beijing on 25 April 2018 at the Chao Hotel for China's most important designer networking event. The evening provides exclusive opportunities for senior car design professionals to network with their peers, exchange ideas and meet new contacts.

Car Design Night Beijing provides a networking event where you can meet and network with vehicle makers and acclaimed heads of design during to be a glamorous and glittering evening.

Visit the official Car Design Night website

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