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23 July 2018

A rolling device called “SVEN”

In July the “share2drive” presented their first concept car called “SVEN”. This Name stands for “Shared Vehicle Electric Native”. A pure electric and fully networked vehicle for shared mobility.

We are very proud that we are in the partner network. Also to assist that this innovative idea will become reality in the near future!

Till now, the Technicon Design team in Cologne supports “share2drive” in design execution, model making and visualization. We started together in a very early design process up to the final execution and construction of the first mockup in real size.

Direct from the beginning we used our VR-Tool “fRen” for design evaluation, so that we were able to make quickly decisions for the design process. On the presentation day, on the 15th of June this model was now shown to the public. And our visualization team underpinned this successful presentation with a promotional film in 3D that gives a sneak preview of this vehicle and its features.

We would be glad if you spend a little bit of time to examine this project!
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